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May 5, 2017 by Trendalyn D (United States)
“The website was very user friendly, and i received my product in 2 days. Thanks...”
Verified Buyer
April 18, 2017 by Jumana S
“Thank you”
Verified Buyer
February 14, 2017 by Gabriella S (United States)
“Easy website to navigate - good shopping experience”
Verified Buyer
February 14, 2017 by Anonymous
“Excellent service”
Verified Buyer
January 31, 2017 by Marie
“dr monica is great”
Verified Buyer
December 12, 2016 by Jenny b
“Quick and easy”
Verified Buyer
October 15, 2016 by Nancy S
“It was very easy, fast and user-friendly!”
Verified Buyer
August 26, 2016 by Nicole g
Verified Buyer
August 20, 2016 by Mary
“Easy convenient fair price free shipping”
Verified Buyer
August 8, 2016 by Mary G
“easy convenient reasonable prices”
July 30, 2016 by Andrea (IL, United States)
“Awesomeness!!! They are Great at what they do, warm, compassionate professional and I learn something every visit ”
Verified Buyer
July 8, 2016 by Anonymous
“Easy and user-friendly!!”
Verified Buyer
June 24, 2016 by Mary (United States)
“Easy to order convenient fair prices”
Verified Buyer
June 21, 2016 by Mary (United States)
“It's easy convenient and affordable”
May 14, 2016 by Sherry (IL, United States)
“This program really works. Anybody who wants to really get help should try it.”
Verified Buyer
May 5, 2016 by Mary B
“It's easy convenient reasonable prices free shipping”
Verified Buyer
May 3, 2016 by Mary B
“Its easy convenient and fair prices free shipping love that”
April 16, 2016 by BB (IL, United States)
“Dr Monica was very helpful on the intake evaluation. She made it clear to call/email if I had a question. They usually say the first week is the hardest, but this was not like that. I especially love the staples in the ears. My emotional well-being calmed down, as opposed to the tension I had before I started.”
Verified Buyer
April 6, 2016 by Nicole
“I tried to do.part one but with having to take mulitpile times through pit the day I couldn't stick to ot since I am a retail manager and my schedule and time off the sales floor is all over. The old version was much easier for me to stick to when I got to take the shake and the pack once in the beginning if the day”
Verified Buyer
March 14, 2016 by Anonymous
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