Graduates of National University of Health Sciences
15 years of clinical experience in

Dr. Monica® Acu-Balance: a natural approach

with an integration of Functional (alternative) medicine & Conventional (western) medicine. We do utilize laboratory testing, such as saliva, hair and blood testing as diagnostic tools and we are able to incorporate these results with alternative medicine utilizing natural methods and procedures.

Our ultimate goal is for every single person who comes to our office feels better than any other time in their lives.

We care about how you feel as much as or more than how you look, since the ultimate goal is wellness and a healthier lifestyle.
You are important to us, precious, and we feel it’s our duty to give you the best care and expertise. Every patient is sacred; your state of mind, physical body, and spiritual being adds value to our offices in every level.
We believe in healing power of nature, so we utilize series of natural, alternative, herbal, and nutraceutical supplements along with alternative procedures to help you.
Our ultimate destination with you is a state of wellness as a whole, not just resolving the symptoms. We work not only to alleviate your symptoms, but treating and eliminating the cause. Once you reach that state you will be able to pass the message and the aura of wellness to your family and friends; then that’s the day we call "mission accomplished" for all of you and me as well!
A woman's hormones are essential for good health, immunity, and youthfulness. Our treatments are natural and gentle designed to treat:

thyroid, adrenal, and Female hormone imbalances

in order to improve the overall health and restoring hormonal balance. The value of this functional medicine approach is its cost-effectiveness and the high rate of patient success with conditions such as:

Thyroid Management

Restoring thyroid gland function with our natural protocol.

Stress Relief

Natural Stress relief utilizing our signature supplements, facial acupuncture, and alternative medicine.

Female Hormonal Balancing

Female Hormonal Balancing with Dr. Monica® Protocol.

Dr. Monica® Acu-Balance is an integrative, science-based system that treats illness and promotes wellness in a different way from conventional medicine. The approach is to focus first on assessing the biochemically unique aspects of each patient, and to then employ an individually tailored intervention to restore balance to the patient - physiologically, psychologically and structurally. It incorporates salivary hormone analysis from Diagnos-Tech Labs, whole-food supplementation, a purification/detoxification protocol, bioidentical oral hormone therapy, and/or acupuncture.

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